Bombs Away

Season 2 Episode 18 - Puppet Master 2 (1989)

November 8, 2021

(Disclaimer: Towards the end of the episode we ran into some audio issues as the gain on Tyler's mic had to be raised due to him having bronchitis, so in the last 20 minutes of the episode there is a noticeable echo. Thanks for understanding.)

The puppets are back and this time they are doing basically the same thing as last time. Join Jarrett, Payton, and Tyler as they tackle everyone's least favorite muppet nazis in this rehash of the first film, that happens to be its own separate film, but does nothing to introduce anything new other than add a new nazi puppet. Come for the screams, stay for the green brain ooze.  Subscribe to Bombs Away for all your bi-weekly bad movie discussion and bashing. Follow us @Bombsawayshow on all social media platforms and Youtube; and don't forget to leave a review! Ok! We love you! *muah*


Music in episode:

Song : Grim Waltz [Royalty Free] Music provided and produced by LonePeakMusic Video Link :

Song: Library of Babel - LonePeakMusic

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