Bombs Away

Season 2 Episode 8- Bargain Bin-Anza: Bad Parodies

June 21, 2021

There once was a time in human history where spoof movies were held with high actuality it was like 3 movies and these definitely aren't it. Join Jarrett, Payton, and Tyler as they dive face first into some of the worst parody films of all time. Join them for such riveting discussion like, Why does Jennifer Coolidge do such a good Barbara Streisand impression? Why is Stan Helsing the best post Scary Movie 3 Parody (its not but Tyler likes to think it is.)? Should Drake Bell have been arrested for his crimes against cinema goers? All this and more as we trudge our way through liquid the liquid putrescence that is Date Movie, Stan Helsing, and Super Hero Movie. Subscribe to Bombs Away for all your bi-weekly bad movie discussion and bashing. Follow us @Bombsawayshow on all social media platforms and Youtube; and don't forget to leave a review! Ok! We love you! *muah*


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Lone Peak Music-Trenches


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