Bombs Away

Season 2 Episode 3 - Rocketman (1997)

April 12, 2021

The farts in his space suit aren't the only thing that stink about this movie. Join Jarrett, Payton, and Tyler as they dissect the film Disney doesn't want you to see, 1997's Rocketman. Listen as we reach for answers to the many questions this film poses, like; There has to be someone more qualified for the job, right? Why are they sending a monkey into space? Wouldn't they just die on the way back now that Fred ate all of their food? These and many more will remained unanswered! Subscribe to Bombs Away for all your bi-weekly bad movie discussion and bashing. Follow us @Bombsawayshow on all social media platforms and Youtube; and don't forget to leave a review! Ok! We love you! *muah*


Music used in Episode:

Maria (CB 102) By Checkie Brown (Used in accordance with Creative Commons licensing and distribution.)

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