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Episode 38 - Van Helsing (2004) [w/ Ghost Party Pictures - Trevor Dillon & Ian Hock]

January 16, 2018

Jonathan and Jarrett are joined by the Writer/Director team of Ghost Party Pictures Trevor Dillon and Ian Hock to discuss their new film Foxwood before diving into Universal's second of three attempts to bring to life the Dark Universe with 2004's Van Helsing starring  Hugh Jackman Kate Beckinsale, and  Richard Roxburgh. Do werewolves change depending on if the moon is obscured by clouds or not? Why does Dracula sleep in Ice??? Why do vampires need to make babies for an army when they can just go bite people? There are way too many questions without answers in this episode. Thank god we had help!


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and Foxwood is making it's festival rounds now. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview for this NOT BOMB of a movie!


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