Bombs Away

Episode 30 - Wild Wild West (1999)

November 28, 2017

The 3rd and final week of #NetflixNovember, a month of movies that can be found on Netflix that YOU the audience voted for, is upon us.  For this week's pick, our fans have chosen 1999's summer blockbuster action/comedy Wild Wild West. How can everyone from the past make elaborate inventions more complex than their time? Why was everyone from the past fooled by men in drag? Why was Salma even in this movie and Why was Dr. Loveless so obsessed with spiders to the point of creating an 80-foot mechanical one? Listen as Jonathan answers this last question in a tale originally told by Director and Podcaster Kevin Smith which involves a story so WILD WILD it has to be true, involving Smith, the producer of this movie John Peters and the infamous Superman Reborn Nicholas Cage film! So many questions and way more to answer on this week! Listen now!

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