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Christmas 2017: Episode 34 - Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987) [w/ Andrew & Paxton]

December 19, 2017

Jonathan and Jarrett are joined by father and son duo Andrew and Paxton as they take a trip down memory lane to an annual tradition in Andrew's family, to view the Silent Night Deadly Night Saga. Rounding out our final episode in a Triple Feature Christmas special, 1987's Killer Christmas Slasher Sequel, Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 starring  Eric FreemanJames Newman, and Elizabeth Kaitan. How many times can a movie say the word naughty and still get away with it? How can a movie have the audacity to be just a highlight reel of the first movie for half of it THEN have Ricky watch the first movie in this movie at a theater? And we finally explore some possible ideas behind the infamous "GARBAGE DAY" sequence!  All these questions and more will be answered on the first feature of our triple feature podcast marathon!


The Silent Night Deadly Night Triple Feature is Bombs Away's second time attacking completely themed event episodes. Starting with the original slasher classic the boys take on the movie as you know it. Then with the next Episode, we launch another Bonus Bomb. Additional content to further immerse you into Billy and Ricky's blood-soaked snow filled wonderland of Part 2 by doing our second Drinking Game Movie Commentary, SILENT NIGHT DRINKING NIGHT. Rules written by our friends at Catch the commentary on our YOUTUBE video of the movie plus commentary. Then we finish the silent night of terror with Episode 34 - Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 and see just how much of this movie is just flashback clips from the first one. This episode is brought to you by our home at The Frida Cinema. For showtimes, events and donations please visit


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