Bombs Away

Bonus Bomb - The Drinking Party Massacre [w/ Serena Hegareda & Thomas-Lee Campos]

October 1, 2017

Jonathan and Jarrett are joined by guests Serena Hegareda and Thomas-Lee Campos for the first ever Bombs Away Drinking Game Movie Commentary. Listen as they take on the movie live as it rolls and play a drinking game based on the film at the same time. Sync up the movie with this track and play along, or fans of every beat of the movie can listen to us play! The movie starts at 15 min in!  Full track with movie synced can be found on our youtube! 


The Slumber Party Massacre Triple Feature are Bombs Away's first completely themed event episodes. Starting with the original slasher classic the boys take on the movie as you know it. Then with the next Episode, we debut our very first Bonus Bomb. Additional content to further immerse you into Corman's Massacre world by doing our first Drinking Game Movie Commentary, THE DRINKING PARTY MASSACRE. Catch the commentary on our very first ever YOUTUBE video of the movie plus commentary. Then we finish the night of terror with Episode 22 - Slumber Party Massacre 2 and see just who's crazier, The Driller Killer or Courtney herself! 


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